Are You Looking For Music Lessons in New York City?

music lessons in new york
  • Are you passionate about music?
  • Are you a parent looking for the best music teacher in New York City to teach your child how to play a musical instrument or sing?
  • Maybe you are a music enthusiast interested in finally learning how to play or sing?
  • Are you an aspiring musician or actor⁄ actress searching for a coach that can bring the best out of you and your performance?

  • If you belong to one of the above groups you have come to the right place!

    My name is Dace Dubrova and I am a professional singer and pianist. Me and my team at
    C Major Music Lessons together are helping people just like you to overcome their playing and singing challenges, taught how to avoid common pitfalls and showed how to overcome obstacles all students encounter. We teach children and adults, beginners and advanced players.

    Whether you or your child are just starting out or have been playing or singing for a while, want to return to music or have professional aspirations, we can provide lessons that will help you to improve fast.

    Currently we offer piano lessons and voice lessons.

    Sign up for guitar lessons, sax lessons (all saxes, flute and clarinet) as well as lessons for drum set and hand percussion (world percussion) is open for a 2014 start.

    Often people are insecure about taking lessons or starting playing an instrument or singing. Yet it always helps to remember that your favorite artists started out just like you.

    You can never be too young or too old to start learning an instrument or sing.

    If you feel frustrated and have hit the proverbial wall in playing or singing, we know how you feel because me and other teachers have been there before and we are here to help you.

    At C Major Music Lessons you will learn:

  • how to overcome all music and playing related fears
  • how to build confidence as a musician
  • how to become your own teacher
  • how to use your mind to aid your learning process

  • and of course you'll also learn:

  • technical “nuts and bolts” of your instrument or voice as well as
  • practical application of technique for repertoire and in performance situation

  • Will you get the best value for your money?

    See the comparison on what differentiates us from other private tutors, music studios or music schools.

    How will you find out what I want to be able to do with my instrument or voice and what I need in order to reach my goals and play⁄ sing what I want to play⁄ sing? A typical music teacher will just ask you what styles of music you listen to and what songs you would like to learn. Then they will just teach you these songs. We will set up an initial introductory session for you. During this initial session we will talk to you and will assess where you are at with your playing or singing, what your ultimate goals are etc., and what you need to do in order to take the next step. or we will just get started if you are a beginner.
    How will you help me overcome the problems and frustrations I have with my playing or singing? A typical music teacher has no plan for you. He will teach you from lesson to lesson, often winging it. Rarely would a typical music teacher have a real long-term strategy to solve your REAL playing or singing problems. We will set up a plan, with expectations and deadlines form the very first session, tailored to your specific goals and needs in order to effectively solve your playing or singing problems. We will continuously refine this plan as necessary in order to keep your learning intact with your goals.
    How can you help me make sure that I am practicing in the most efficient and effective ways between my lessons? An average teacher will just tell you what to practice and to practice more. We will show you in detail how to practice every exercise we give you. We will also show you how to apply and integrate technique into songs you play or sing. We will show you how to become your own teacher.
    Will you travel to my place and teach me in my house? Also I have a teacher living just around the corner, so why should I bother to come to your location? Many teachers go to students' homes because they either do not have many students and therefore have time for extensive travel or they want to get more experience in teaching and therefore do whatever it takes to have one more student. You will essentially pay for their learning time. Some of the more inexperienced teachers will come to your place just to hide the fact that they not have access to or do not want to rent a studio. As all serious teachers, we teach from a studio and not from the student's house. Thus we have access to extra equipment and teaching materials. Our students come to see us from all boroughs of New York City and even from New Jersey. These students find that the value and quality we provide in our lessons is more important than time spent commuting. We are located conveniently in Times Square area. As they say: "an hour spent driving to a great music teacher will save you 10 years of frustrations with the instrument".
    I am looking for the cheapest teacher around! Surely your lessons are not expensive? A typical music teacher does not have many students and therefore often the only way s⁄he uses to attract clientele is to offer lessons for low rates. The cheapest teachers tend also to be the less experienced ones and they will often teach you the wrong things or foster bad habits. All money spent in these kind of lessons is money down the drain. As the saying goes: “You get what you pay for.” We see the results of cheap lessons every time we have to fix the bad habits acquired in these lessons. Great music teachers are always in demand and require a fair payment for their services, and in return they give you the best learning strategies and the results you are expecting. This does not mean that a good teacher is expensive: we have many different programs to accommodate students on any budget, and you can be sure that you are making a sound investment with us. However we definitely are not the cheapest option around.
    How can you prove that your teaching strategies are effective? Most teachers cannot do this: they do not even HAVE a teaching strategy! They may know something about music but they never really studied how to TEACH an instrument. Although we are a new music school, each of us have years of teaching experience under the belt, in some cases at college level. Our students are satisfied with their lessons. Feel free to to check out our student testimonials! Also, unlike other music teachers around we constantly work on improving our teaching skills. Our chief instructor and founder Dace Dubrova is a member of a teachers' mentoring program where she is learning from a master teacher who has literally helped thousands of musicians to get better at playing.

    One Last Thing - Music Lessons With The Wrong Teacher Is Like Driving From NYC to L.A. Without a GPA...

    ...Essay About "Car" And "Plane" Music Lessons

    Nowadays, when Internet is full with tutorials and free stuff, why would you need to take lessons anyways?

    Well, you can compare it to you driving from New York to L.A. without GPS or map. Would you somehow find your way to L.A.? Yes, but it would be much longer and excrutiating than if you'd have GPS. You'd waste a lot of time as well as money on gas. If you'd have a choice of driving cross country with or without GPS, may I speculate you'd chose to have GPS? Hey, but what if you could just leave your car in New York and fly to L.A.? That would be awesome, woudn't it?

    Likewise in the world of tutorials, students and teachers you can chose how fast you will reach your goals and how effective you will be. If you want to "drive without a map" you'll pick free stuff on the Internet. If you want to be more effective you will either have a map, a GPS or you will fly. As there is difference between a car and plane - in car you are still the one driving and in a plane you sit back and enjoy the flight.

    There is a "GPS" and "plane" teacher. The difference is that the first will give you a lot of information, but you still will have to drive your proverbial car - find out for yourself how exactly you should practice and what would be your strategy while at the same time feeling overwhlemed with the new information you're getting every week...

    The "plane" teacher will provide you with personal strategy as well as information on exactly how you should practice so you can sit back and enjoy your "flight". With whom would you like to study? I belong to the second group and I provide my students with a customized strategy and information on how to practice.

    What are you waiting for? Change your life today by booking a 30 minute introductory lesson in NYC!

    “Singing lessons with Dace have dramatically improved my voice. On top of that it is fun. Thank you very much, Dace!”

    “My son who is 8 has been taking piano lessons for the past 3 months. He has learned so much and loves it, and he loves his teacher!”

    “Taking piano lessons with Dace has provided me with an unparalleled learning experience. She is passionate about teaching music. It is very clear to me that Dace’s primary goal is to correctly impart knowledge. Following are some of the things I admire about her, just to mention a few: (a) She has a very unique approach; this is helping me to get rid of the bad habits I have picked up over the years. (b) She teaches proper technical skills; however, she is also versatile and willing to adjust to my musical preferences and aspirations. (c) She is consistent and repetitious; this quality has helped me to learn quickly and easily. I personally have been able to see considerable progress in my piano playing over the three-month period that I have been taking lessons with Dace.”